QTP Online Training center from Hyderabad India - in Pakistan

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Type Education Jobs - Teaching Jobs
Sub Type IT Education
Job Type Full Time
Company Seleniumtrainings
Willing to Relocate No
Location Mumbai, India

Contact us: Swathi, +91-9949023777, [email protected], www.seleniumtrainings.com QTP Training Online From Hyderabad INDIA Course Content: INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMATION TESTING What is Automation testing Manual vs. Automation testing Various Automation tools Tool selection INTRODUCTION TO QUICK TEST PROFESSIONAL Overview of QTP Starting QTP Add-in manager QTP window QTP window layouts RECORD AND RUN Creating and executing basic test Record and Run settings Understanding recorded test Executing a test Understanding QTP's execution style Different recording modes Standard recording Analog recording Low level recording Analyzing quick test results VB SCRIPT VB Script overview VB Script data types VB Script Variables VB Script constants Input box method VB Script functions Numeric functions String functions Date and time functions Example on Built in functions User defined functions CONDITIONAL STATEMENTS LOOP STATEMENTS GENERAL SCRIPTS Script for odd numbers Script for prime numbers Script for multiplication table Other scripts on conditional addition, multiplication & so on